Why Doing the Bare Minimum is Morally Responsible

A universal truth we’re all facing right now is that we’re having a rough time. So in these sub-optimal circumstances, we’re all trying to make things easy for our friends and family, as well as ourselves. With that in mind, I propose a way that everyone can feel a lot better, without putting in a whole lot of work: do the bare minimum. 

I’m worried that what many of you will take from this is that you should half-ass your work; but this is not what I’m saying, you should always go in full-ass’d. Just don’t go above and beyond in your classes right now. If there’s an optional assignment to turn in, simply don’t. If your professor asks if someone is familiar with a subject, sit in silence with everyone else. By going above and beyond this semester, you’re making everyone look bad and disparaging your classmates. Just don’t.

Now you might be wondering, how is this a moral position? Well I’m not sure. I’m not a philosopher, and I’m not looking to spend time researching how to make an argument for whether actions are proper or improper. Basically, it’s because I said so.

That being said, you still have to actually do the bare minimum. Not just in class, but in all aspects of your life. If you’re having trouble getting breakfast in the morning, just force yourself to eat some toast. Technically breakfast. Bare minimum. Trouble waking up on time? Set your alarm for 9:30. Boom. Bare minimum. Set reasonable goals and then do them only to the point that they are technically achieved. Any more and your bordering on overachiever territory, which is an immoral act.

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