New Musical: The Cup Song

I know, I know, everybody is sad about packing up and leaving for a bit of an extended break. But I would not worry so hard if I were you… Kenyon is brewing up something new for you, just as a little cherry on top of a perfect, flawless semester. A brand-new, fresh-from-the-presses musical that was written and rehearsed in complete secret to keep it as much of a giant surprise as possible. And have you heard? I’m sure you heard, right? About the cups and stuff? How could you have missed it?

Anyways, to make a long story short, someone, I’m NOT going to name names despite pressure from various different people, decided to make a Cup Song musical! It’s what we’ve all been frothing and foaming at our lips for! I know when I was a beaming 11-year-old boy and I heard Anna Kendrick’s meek little mouse voice belt the lyrics to the infamous Cup Song while she flipped her cup around like a complete stud, I was hooked instantly, and knew if there wasn’t content made solely about the Cup Song by the time I turned 30, then “all hell was gonna break loose, and nobody wants to see what that’s like”. So believe me, the avant-garde Cup Song musical is really giving me some feels (as in “it makes me feels like it’s going to be good!”)

Now, don’t get it twisted, Pitch Perfect is great on its own. I just loved watching Fat Amy get herself into all sorts of tricky predicaments. But if there’s one thing I’ve always been known to say, it’s “Pitch Perfect was too long, it should’ve been an hour and a musical only about the Cup Song part”. So grab your ear trumpets and opera glasses, because you’re not gonna want to miss this! Boioioioing!

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