10 O’Clock List: FMK Kenyon Edition

Josh Rad

You know the rules. Play at your own risk. 

  1. Collegian, Collegiate, Thrill 
  2. Delts, D-Cat, Dekes
  3. Moxie, possum, raccoon outside of Mather
  4. Incell, volcell, gymcell
  5. Alison Janney, John Green, Josh Radnor
  6. Graham Gund, Philander Chase, Henry Weaver
  7. Kenyon Alum, prospective student, Kenyon parent (who is also a stepdad)
  8. Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid
  9. Person on tinder holding a fish, person on Tinder with a hunting rifle, person on Tinder in your English class
  10. Tour guide, Beer and Sex advisor, CA

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