10 o’clock list: Terrifying Things I’ve Seen in the Woods of I-80 PA

The Into the Wild Bus

Having sat in the passenger seat on the journey from Kenyon to Connecticut what feels like one hundred times, the four straight hours looking into the woods of what I consider mountains on I-80 Pennsylvania have told many a frightening tale! Here are some things I may or may not have seen that chilled my bones.

  1. Yellow safety vest hanging from a tree branch. Did someone kill that person and hang his vest up as a trophy? I hope not. But maybe. This was the first upsetting monument I had ever seen in the woods of Pennsylvania, and it set quite a precedent.
  2. A-frame structure made from sticks and logs. This reminded me of Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild. It might as well have been Alexander Supertramp’s bus, but in Pennsylvania’s foothills instead of Alaska’s tundra. I don’t want to know whether or not someone was living in there, but its presence suggests the answer is yes. What I don’t understand is why he built his home so close to the highway, especially if, like Mr. Supertramp, he was hoping to get away from the world. However, I’ve never seen this structure again after seeing it for the first time coming back to Kenyon after Thanksgiving last year. Food for thought!
  3. Unidentifiable Beast. Some kind of creature. This was during a snowstorm so we weren’t even driving very fast. I should have been able to make out what it was. It was probably a deer or something. Right?
  4. You, the reader. Wait, what?

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