10 o’clock list: Ways to Spend this Long-Ass Winter Break

I know, I also can’t believe the semester is already over. It went by so fast!! Having class six days a week and only getting three days of break the whole semester has not left me a broken woman, I feel like I could jump right into the spring! Who’s ready for comps?!?!

Okay so we have a six-week winter break this year because of the things and stuff, and it’s straight up dangerous to leave our houses. What are we supposed to do? The Queen’s Gambit is only seven episodes long. And I don’t have Disney Plus.

I’ve brainstormed some ideas. If you don’t like them, I don’t want to know. Yesterday a joke Tik Tok made me sob for five minutes, I’m weak and cannot handle criticism right now. 

  1. Fight with your family: We’re all cooped-up, anxious, and regressing to our high school selves. Let’s start some arguments. 
  2. Dive into the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe: Forget Princess Diana’s historic costumes on The Crown, you need to see Kevin’s hunky sweaters in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. 
  3. Tackle the anti-racist reading list you bookmarked in June: It was not enough to download White Fragility from Kindle, you actually have to read it now. 
  4. File the corns off your feet: They are so bad. 
  5. Pray: *✧(✿◠‿◠)✧゚*
  6. Celebrate the New Year the only safe way, by rewatching Disney Channel’s 2007 New Year Sing-Along Bowl-athon: I know Covid-shaming “doesn’t work,” but I will still block anyone who breaks social distancing guidelines to party with people from high school. Also, I need to borrow someone’s Disney Plus login. 
  7. Plan for post-grad: This one’s for my mom. I’M TRYING. 

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