Welcome Back! We’re still in charge

(*private island all tested negative multiple times wear a mask <3)

Hello, dear Thrill readers. It is your editor in chiefs, Reilly and Ellie. You might have noticed that we haven’t vacated this office as is traditional, and we noticed that too. We are in fact here to stay, here to play, here to have some fun in the sun from our New Apt and our “large property full of deers” (Ellie’s description of her home). We hope you’re setting into your first week nicely and enjoyed the meatloaf for dinner tonight (whether your mom made it or you had it from Peirce).

The next 15 weeks will be as strange for us as they will be for you, and we’re hoping you’re ready and willing to take this journey as a unit. We are hoping for lots of cool and fun COVID related content, and some non-COVID related content because we need a dose of that too.

We also wanted to remind you that our DMs are open ;) if you want to throw us an article (or even just a pitch) shoot us an email. We’ll have a fresh round of applications for you coming soon, so watch this space (and your inbox).

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