The Weeknd Review

Well, another weekend, another sportsball game. Only this time, The Weeknd decided to hold a mini concert in the middle of a foobaw game in a selfless act to bring more awareness (and, hopefully, more viewers) to the sport.

He opened his act with a tribute to the classic film Megamind, which certainly earned points towards his being an all-around cool guy.

I KNOW you know which part of Megamind I’m talking about.

Mr. Weeknd also started off strong vocally by demonstrating his love for classical music, with a choral arrangement of one of his songs that lasted for all of ten seconds. Was I disappointed that the switch to classical music didn’t stick? You betcha. Was I surprised? Nah.

Anywho the spinny camera meme scene made me feel sick and I had to close my poor wittle eyes for a while. Oddly enough, that whole bit reminded me of the all-campuses we used to have in Old K. Does anyone else remember those? Anyway, I was able to take a peek at the screen after a bit, and I was rewarded with some choreography that was no doubt inspired by Just Dance. I was so hyped up, I stood up and followed the glowing hands, just like my Xbox 360 taught me. I’m tearing up from the nostalgia as I write this.

Remember how Roxie had to stand back and it all came together to reveal Titan? God I love this movie. (So does the Weeknd. You heard it here first).

Overall, it sure was a performance of music songs. That’s for certain. Apparently, it was also sponsored by Pepsi! What, were they out of Coke? Ahaha please laugh.

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