Ten O’clock List: Ways to Pass Time During Quiet Period

You might have seen the horror movie A Quiet Place, the one where if you make a sound, monsters can hear you and hunt you down. Well if you haven’t, there’s no need to; you’re already living it. Between the Prison Visitor Center (Aka Peirce) and your socially distanced, masked, blindfolded, and outdoor history lecture, Quiet Period can feel like a horror movie. Here are a few ways to pass the time.

#1: Don’t tell your girlfriend that you’ve hooked up with someone else

Let me start off by telling you what not to do during Quiet Period. Even if you’re in an open relationship and she tells you that she really wants to know every little detail and that not sharing is just as bad as lying, please don’t tell your significant other that you’re hooking up with other people. If you don’t believe me, go read Gone Girl, and take notes. 

#2: Cry alone in your room

Crying alone in your room is a great way to pass the time. The cathartic release of emotions can be quite healthy, especially if nobody’s there to comfort you.

#3: Call your mother

Mothers are the best. They always know what to say to make you feel better, and if you play your cards right, you can usually guilt them into buying you some stuff on amazon. Which brings us to #4.

#4: Vibrator

Wow, this thing really helped me through Quiet Period, said one of my friends who isn’t actually me. 

#5: Shrooms

I’m pretty sure I found the meaning of the universe. It’s funny that all I had to do was not sleep. 

#6: Vibrator + Shrooms

“It’s not rock bottom if it feels good.”-Machiavelli, The Prince

#7: Get Vaccinated

They are doing vaccinations at the Lowry Center. Maybe you could wait around and see if there’s extras. It’s actually not the worst idea on this list.

#8: Read More Thrill!

Just kidding, I don’t even read my own articles. Apparently the Collegian is really good though. Here’s a link to their website: The Kenyon Collegian

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