10 O’Clock List: Why You Should Start Wearing Your Retainer Again

I just found out that some of you stopped wearing your retainers. That makes me sad. Here are some reasons why you should start wearing yours again:

  1. Retainers are freaking S E X Y. It’s not about having straight teeth anymore, it’s about having an artfully crafted piece of plastic and wire shoved in your mouth. 
  2. Urban Outfitters has even started selling these dope-ass faux retainers for those of us already blessed with perfect teeth. Snag one from the latest drop before someone else does!!!!
  1. Without retainers, where would we be? Stuck in the Bronze Age? Yeah. Probably. 
  2. Harry Styles just texted me asking if he could borrow my retainer for his next photoshoot.
  3. My sister is selling her vintage 2002 limited edition invisalign x Delia’s collab retainer on depop for $40 (plus shipping) 

I hope this has convinced you to reconsider your poor little neglected retainer. 

*post sponsored by Urban Outfitters LLC.*

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