I Have One Reason To Love Life, And Sundays

Three Sticks of Glory

Dear Diary,

As I’ve said to multiple professors and my therapist, “morale on campus is low at the moment.”

But I know how important it is to practice gratitude, and I have one blessing to count at the moment.

It happened once. I thought it was a special treat.

It happened twice. I thought it was a pleasant coincidence.

Then it happened three times, and that makes a pattern. Peirce has incorporated French toast sticks into their weekly Sunday brunch menu.

Peirce breakfast is a hierarchy: Omelette is top tier (RIP), scrambled eggs are secondary but manageable. Potatoes are a toss up; diced potatoes aren’t worth it, shredded potatoes are best when paired with fried eggs (RIP), tater tots are always a good bet and hash brown triangles are your BEST bet (that flaky salt? Yes ma’am!) Grain-based sides usually form the bottom of the pyramid…until now.

I ADORE THESE FRENCH TOAST STICKS! They are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside! They are sweet and perfect for dipping in maple syrup! They pair delightfully with bacon, the meat-based side Peirce so aptly decided to serve alongside it!

Now that I’ve written this article, have I jinxed it? I sure hope not, because I have so few reasons to leave my room these days. Miss Peirce, if you’re reading this, please keep serving French toast sticks at brunch. Joy is somewhat elusive these days, and in a time of such tumultuous uncertainty, I’d like to know that I can walk into the servery Sunday mornings and find love in the form of incorrectly-shaped bread.

With my whole heart,

-Sarah G.

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