Stop posting about all the fun your apartment is having during quiet period <3

Hey friends. So, this is kiiiind of awkward, buuuuut I feel like I really have to say something. Please know it comes from a place of love.

If you are a senior or lucky junior living in an apartment on campus, you seriously gotta cool it with the social media posts.

I know you love your friends. I love my friends too! We all love our friends! And it’s really wonderful that you have your friends right there with you during this quiet period, truly. But most Kenyon students are not living with their friends right now, they are living with their seasonal depression lamps and ruthless internal monologues.

I feel like a neutral party here, as a senior studying remotely. I’m not going through the quiet period on campus and I don’t doubt it sucks for everyone. But if I feel a little sting of loneliness from an IG photo series of your NCA’s weekly tea party, students who are alone in their dorms are probably feeling a lot worse.

And because I’m a second semester senior, I feel a duty to call upperclassmen on their bullshit and I also do not care if this comes off strong: The negative mental health impacts of isolation on your fellow students are serious and your social media posts are rude.

Remember when Kim K tweeted about flying 40 of her closest friends to a private island just to have a birthday party? And everyone was like……… read the room?

I’m not saying your posts are that bad. But I did want to bring it up.

So yeah! If you’re lucky enough to have a fun apartment, I am genuinely glad you are getting to spend an altogether disappointing senior spring with your friends. I wish that option were available to all of us.

But since it isn’t, stop publicizing your pod parties to the poor souls stuck in their 80-sq-ft Caples singles without so much as a common room to study in.

It’s all love <3

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