Something That Really Struck Me About the Reading Is That I Hated It

hiiiiimynameisIslasheherhers I just wanted to bring the class’s attention to the ending of the book and of course I understand that not everyone shares this perspective and I could be wrong and I totally am unintentionally piggy backing off of the enlightening words of my peers and classmates which I bring to your attention because of how they have heavily influenced the lens through which I see the ending of the reading and what struck me about it is actually when I boil down the facts is that I actually did not read it but please allow me to speak for the next five minutes on the prose which was just like a thousand shooting stars pirouetting and sautéing themselves in front of my vision to paint the ugly picture of neo-colonialism on the canvas-like landscape of my prefrontal cortex which, the more I talk, you are learning is almost always completely blank! Blessings to all.

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