Stop Abusing Allstu!

Oh, hi! It’s me again, sharing my barely-contained rage at the latest abuse of the allstu mailing group! Look, I understand that it’s tough when people do something that bothers you, especially during a pandemmy. Still, it’s no excuse to force the entire student body to listen to your half-baked and, frankly, poorly thought out email. So, here’s a few alternatives/reasons to keep your opinion out of my inbox:

  1. No room on the sidewalks was a pre-Covid problem!! It’s not new, and it’s not really an issue! If it bothers you, just use a different sidewalk! OR just close your eyes when you see people walking on the road instead of the sidewalk! It’s no one’s fault that they are barely wide enough for two or three people, so just. Stop.
  2. This is not an important enough issue to bother the rest of the students about. Vent on your insta story if you really have to, but don’t fill up our inboxes with your unwanted opinion. I promise you, no one besides you cares!
  3. If you were actually worried about Covid being spread due to close proximity on sidewalks, maybe you would like to write to the administration? But nooooo, blame it all on “irresponsible” students instead, you little bootlicker

Long story short: stop using allstu UNLESS you are an actual organization on campus! Even then, you’re on thin fucking ice.

4 responses

  1. This list sounds less like a fun satirical romp and much more like the whiny scribbles of an inconsiderate snot-nosed teen who blames everything from the stomach flu to their parents’ divorce on the (highly flawed but here irrelevant) school administration. The sidewalk leading up to Peirce is in fact big enough for just about two people to walk. Is it that difficult to just step behind your friends into single-file for the two seconds it takes to pass another person? Apparently yes, yes it is. I, for one, care, and was more than happy to welcome that email into my inbox, give it a nice pat on the head and a juice-box and send it on it’s merry way to the trash can, all in less time than it takes to make room for someone walking the other way instead of forcing them onto the road or mud or literal “thin fucking ice” simply because you couldn’t swallow your pride and pull your own head out of your ass for long enough to move over six inches.

    • Oh no, did the meanie author hurt your wittle feelings? I’m so sowwy you feel that way O_o Maybe she’ll apologize for sounding like a snot nosed baby and take back all the mean things she said about that dumb email >:( Im so glad to see someone using their valuable time on this earth to defend such a valiant effort to tell the people how walking on the road for a few seconds made someone mad. We need more brave souls like you!! Braver than any Marine :)

      • Oh fun, she responded, and with pretty impressive turn-around time. Unfortunate that she had to debase herself even further by adding “w”s to words in an equally courageous attempt to dig her heels even deeper into the “I’d rather hip-check you over the curb than examine my own thoughts and feelings” dirt. Because courage is what this is all about, right? Taking the time to stand up to that email-sender in the first place, and then patrol her own comments to dunk on any dissidents with fwacts and lwogic. Tee hee.

      • XDDDD BRUH WHY U MAD????? You really had nothing better to do at 12:34 in the MORNING??? MY DUDE, GET SOME SLEEP AND LET IT GO! lol calm down my guy it’s not that deep it’s literally a post on a comedy website

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