10 O’Clock List: Songs I Wish People Would Play On The Bells

ngl seeing the old font on this is making me emotional. I need to take a nap.

Ding dong this and ding dong that. I’ve never really heard the bells let loose. Having zero musical talent myself, these are my formal requests for songs I’d like to hear on the bells some future Friday afternoon. Music majors, wherever you are (seriously, who are you guys?) please take heed.

  1. I’ve Got A Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Play me this early 2000s goodie and transport me instantly back to my bat mitzvah (mazel tov). It’s peppy, it’s supportive, and it never goes out of style. Actually, excuse me while I go Google if the Black Eyed Peas ever broke up, or could they ostensibly make more music together someday?
  2. The Imperial March. Kind of basic, but certainly a statement piece. Also, perhaps it would inspire a resurgence of cloaks as an everyday fashionable look. I wouldn’t be mad about that.
  3. Fetch the Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple. I want to watch people combust on the spot when they realize what song is playing, leaving only their Carhartt beanies behind.
  4. Try Everything (Zootopia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Shakira. “Is this…is this that song from Zootopia?”
  5. Lisa Baby by Walk The Moon. This is the first song I remember thinking was hot, and in that moment, the universe knew another poor soul was going to Kenyon College.
  6. (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life from Dirty Dancing. Last, but CERTAINLY not least…nothing will ever be able to dissuade my love for the phenomenal 1987 film about a young girl becoming a young woman in the Catskills. As some of you may recall (and if you don’t recall, GO WATCH DIRTY DANCING RIGHT NOW), this is the song from the movie’s memorable finish, in which everyone has oh so very much fun, and I believe we can have that at Kenyon. This song will MAKE THE PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE. This song will MAKE MIDDLE PATH COME ALIVE with Johnnys and Franceses running into each others’ arms, recreating Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s cinematic lift. THIS SONG WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Pealers, my babies…it’s all in your hands now :*

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