10 O’Clock List: Best Places to Throw A Darty (Day Party)

Now that quiet period has been officially over for a few weeks, Kenyon students have started to come out of hibernation and initiate the latest trend in covid-safe hangouts: the darty. Darties (day parties, for those of you not up to date on the coolest new Kenyon lingo) have popped up outside of apartment complexes, like in the NCA loop, and are usually accompanied by bumping playlists and/or beer pong tables. To maximize safety during covid, darty locations should be varied, just so everyone can maintain that sweet sweet six feet apart from their fellow dartygoers. Here’s some suggestions to keep the darties pumping while keeping everyone safe:

  1. Lowry center fields: You might have to get permission from the sports teams to throw your darty on the fields, but what better way to space out and get away from everyone else than hiking down the hill and playing beer pong (a legitimate sport) on a field made for sports? The downside is that no one will be able to hear your tunes, and it might be a challenge to crawl back up to civilization after you’ve had a few.
  2. Ascension Lawn: Recreate your favorite Sendoff 2019 memories, if you have any. Or, just pick this highly visible spot so you can flex on as many people as possible with your swag (do the youths still say swag? Please say yes).
  3. The SQUAD: There’s already seating down there, and it’s in the perfect area to let both STEM majors and music folks know that you are the coolest cat on campus, and you also have the best taste in music. Bonus points if your speakers are loud enough to reach Old K to give those students a taste of what it’s like to live above an all campus party.
  4. In the Kokosing: Who doesn’t love a beach-themed darty? Gather up your besties, a heavy table for beer pong, and a waterproof speaker, and get ready for a wet-ass-party. Set up beer pong in the middle of the river (unless you’re a coward) and enjoy the added challenge of staying upright despite being two beers in and standing in a river’s current.
  5. Up in the bell tower: Yeah, it might be a bit cramped, but if everyone stays double masked, it’s totally safe, right? Right? If you’re really committed to darty tunes, you and your crew could try to play them on the bells. I’ve always wanted to hear TikTok songs ringing out over the entire campus.

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