The Thrill Staff Shares our Screen Time Totals

Ah, blue light. Those sweet, short diodes that bake our retinas in a numb glaze. Quar has exposed us to more of it than ever, through remote classes, meetings, jobs, “happy hours” if you kept doing that after last May. Even here at the Thrill, where we’re known for being obnoxiously online, we’re getting a liiiiiiiiitle tired of being on our screens all day.

As a fun icebreaker at our most recent Zoom staff meeting, we went around and shared our daily screen time averages over the past week. Not everyone participated, which was totally fine because the The Thrill does not haze <3

Here are the responses in roughly ascending order!

  1. Seth Lockwood: Total Unclear –– “4.5 for my phone but it’s all skewed because I played a game called ‘flip trickster’ for 2.5 hours on Tuesday.”
  2. Reilly Weiland: 5 hrs (phone only)
  3. Ella Simpson: 5 hrs (computer only)
  4. Sarah Groustra: 5 hrs 8 min (computer only)
  5. Sam Mineiro: 7.7 hrs (computer only)
  6. Molly McLaughlin: 8+ hrs–– “I haven’t updated my computer since 2015 so I can’t see it but it’s definitely 8+ hours.”
  7. Isla Hamblett: 9 hrs –– “4.5 average on my phone and laptop each.”
  8. Ellie Fallon: 9.5 hrs –– “3 hrs on computer, 6.5 on phone”
  9. Brooke Brown: 9.5 hrs –– “Basically same as Ellie Fallon lol” Editor’s Note: 3 hrs on computer? do you do homework on your phone???
  10. Piper Diers: 10 hrs –– “5 hrs average on phone, same for laptop.”
  11. Ellie Melick: a disgusting 13 hrs 37 min –– “10 hrs 33 min on my computer, 3 hrs 5 min on my phone. It makes sense considering I’m fully remote, finishing my thesis, and may or may not watch ASMR every night before bed, but it still makes me nauseous to think about.”

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