Computer Things I Learned During The Pandemic

While most of us can agree this hasn’t been a good time, it’s not entirely without a silver lining. For me. I don’t know about all of you. It’s often taken for granted that youths such as myself have a good understanding of the internet, but I’m the exception to that rule.  Computer skills have never been my strong suit, but with our increased reliance on technology I’ve been forced to learn. Don’t get me wrong, I can surf the ‘net with the best of them, but here’s a couple of tips and tricks that have helped me become a tech whiz in the vein of Lisbeth Salander and Theodore Donald Finch (from the 2003 film The Core).

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Did you know that the trackpad/mouse can be largely ignored for much of your computing time? Whether you’re on windows on mac, you can find lists of helpful shortcuts which perform many of the functions of your computer without the need to search through tedious menus. You’ve got your standard cut/paste/copy, but there are also your more advanced options like in Google Chrome you can navigate through the different tabs you have open by pressing command+the number of the tab you want to switch to. Try it some time.
  • Streaming Parties: With the browser extension Teleparty you can stream video on your favorite streaming services with a group of friends. While it supports Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, it unfortunately does not yet support the video library available on The Kenyon Thrill.
  • Split Screen (Mac): On Macbook computers, it’s possible to split your screen between two different windows. If you click and hold down the green expand button in the upper left corner of the window when you have multiple windows open you can divide your screen between the two in a different type of full screen viewing.
  • Typing With More Than Just My Thumb And Pointer Finger: I’ve now added in my middle finger.

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