Kenyon Easter Egg Hunt But It’s Hunting for Bikes 🐣🚲

So I don’t know if you’ve heard but there is a bike bunny running around campus and scattering people’s bikes across Gambier. I have had multiple friends whose bikes have gotten into the hands of this “crafty”  thief. I will address this bike bunny by telling my personal story.

So this semester I brought my bike to campus. I locked my cute little two-wheeler to the bike shelter on the Freshman Quad where she was living her best life untouched for two months. One day as I was walking back to Norton after having class, I realized that I did not see my glorious white and blue vehicle. I decided to deal with it later and assume I was just hallucinating. I thought that it couldn’t have gotten stolen since I had locked it up with much care and love. Later that night I went back outside to check again and found that I was not seeing things earlier and that it was truly not there. My lock was also not there. I filed a hopeful but discouraged preliminary theft report and emailed campo photos of my bike. 

About four days later on St. Patricks day I got an email from a campus safety officer saying she found my bike, luck of the Irish am I right (I’m not Irish at all actually). The reason I believe we have a bike bunny using our bikes for an easter egg hunt is because my bike was found at one of the bike racks by the NCAs. Surely this individual was not trying to successfully steal my bike if they’ve just basically moved it across the street unlocked? I believe that since it is Easter Sunday this bike bunny should reveal themselves, I do have an oversized bag of baby carrots in my fridge if that entices you ;). Anyways, happy Easter y’all! If you celebrate, I hope you enjoy family Zoom calls and pastel colored egg shaped chocolates.

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