Summer Break is Now 15 Weeks of Vacation with Two Days of Class Dispersed Throughout

Update to this year’s academic calendar!

The newly-released Summer 2021 Academic Calendar seems to be modeled on the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar, featuring fifteen weeks of summer vacation with two days of class designed to keep our minds sharp. Don’t sell your books! You might need them for this summer’s Class Days, which could include any courses you’ve ever taken at Kenyon. Haven’t taken French in two years? Quel dommage! You’d better remember the past participle on July 29 when you’re given a pop quiz on it. The Class Days themselves are modeled after my high school, whose 7:30 AM start time I didn’t realize was unusual until I talked to people who aren’t from the northeast. So you’ll have to be up and ready by 7:15. You’ll have four classes on June 30 (randomly selected from courses you’ve already taken, as previously mentioned), each 85 minutes with a 30 minute lunch break either at 1 PM or 10:30 in the morning. The day will end at 2:10. Your other four classes will be on July 29, and four weeks later, the Fall Semester will begin. I’d get on the Class Day Committee’s good side now and convince them to give you eight classes you’re confident you could still pass. Enjoy and happy registration!

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