Investigative Journalism: Where Is Everyone?

Unforgiven VR on Twitter: "You know what? The classic Old West tumbleweed  is really a bit more Eastern... from Russia!… "
I recently learned tumbleweeds are real plants and do not exist only in cartoons! Here’s a picture of one on Middle Path around 6:15 pm.

Maybe I just go to Peirce in the off-hours, but I’ve noticed a pattern when walking down Chase Ave to get my meals. There’s never anyone else out in the evening, regardless of the weather. Where is everyone?

“Hey, old timer,” I say as I dust off my sleuth hat and magnifying glass. They’ve been buried under my bed all semester– there was nothing to investigate, until now. That evening, I hit the streets of Gambier to try and find a single person going to dinner. It’s 6 pm, the sun is shining, there should be people out. Where are they? Some are on Ascension Lawn, but it’s not as packed as it is during the day. The tent left over from the circus is up, but no one is sitting under it. Of course no one is eating inside Peirce, it’s quiet period. Unfortunately, the sudden disappearance of Kenyon’s student body has made it impossible for me to do any real investigative journalism here. There’s no one to corroborate my story!

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