At Least Quiet Period Got The A Cappella Groups To Calm Down

Hello my sweet readers who have chosen to click on this evocative headline. Well, it’s that time of semester for us here at the Thrill, we’re resorting to a cappella content in order to cash in on the demographic of people that both care about a cappella and dislike it. As a disclaimer I must admit that I sing a cappella on occasion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relate to all you cool jaded college students who can’t just let people enjoy their hobbies. So, I thought I’d talk about one of the upsides of the most recent mandatory two weeks of student time-out. 

Quiet period is a bane to us all. However, there are some upsides. During the silent time, one doesn’t have to worry about all the hustle and bustle of student organizations, because they may as well not exist. This includes a cappella groups, which are forbidden from rehearsing during the hours of calm. You no longer have to worry about hearing smooth vocal harmonies all over campus. The same is true for other groups. Maybe you write for The Thrill and have an assignment due during a quiet period. Simply don’t do it! What are they gonna do, come ask you about it? Yeah, good luck. Maybe you play frisbee or something. Just don’t, problem solved and no one can bug you about it during quiet period. 

Now I understand that all these upsides are predicated on the idea that you don’t like student organizations and want less to do with them for some reason. Maybe you’re overworked or are reevaluating your commitments. If you don’t relate to that, cool. Power to you. But I think some of us do. Stay healthy?

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