What if We Kissed In the COVID Testing Pods?

Yeah, there’s really no way to ease into this. With Covid, and masks, and trying your darndest NOT to spread germs, it’s gotten difficult (neigh, impossible) to do the smoochy smooch with another person. One could say that a lot of people on campus at this very moment are touch starved. Do not fret! I have the perfect solution to our collective struggle: the Covid testing pods.

Hear me out. If you’re a good person, you sanitize the pod after you’re done with the testing, so it should be a safe little tent for a little kiss amongst pod neighbors. I mean, who am I kidding? You can’t deny the inherent sexual tension between the two people in adjacent tents. The glimpses we get of each other’s bare faces between the curtains are as tantalizing and yearn-inducing as the fist clench in Pride and Prejudice (2005). Add in the inherent phallic nature of the testing swabs, and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect romantic atmosphere (AKA prime for smooching).

So, the next time you’re down at the Lowry Center, be courteous and poke your head through the gap in the curtains and ask your testing pod neighbor if they’d like a little peck on the cheek or lips. Consent is key of course, so keep your mask(s) on until your partner gives you the OK. (For real though, if any other A-Fs want to meet up, leave a comment down below xoxo)

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