The 2021 Summer Sendoff Artist Will Be Six Chamber Singers In A Trench Coat

Since the pandemic has made bringing a B-list indie pop band to campus logistically difficult, Kenyon has decided to seek entertainment a little closer to home. After beating the runner-up choice for Sendoff artist (the ghost of Geoffrey Chaucer) in a fist fight, six Chamber Singers in a trench coat will be performing for the college at our traditional end-of-semester gathering.

The Chamber Singers, when asked why they did not want to perform a standard concert, instead opting to stack six of their members vertically in beige waterproof menswear, gave this official statement: “We’re ready to get freaky.”

As of today, their setlist will include several Italian odes, three ancient prayer chants, and one choral rendition of “Cool Kids” by Echosmith in humble acknowledgement of their predecessor.

A date for Summer Sendoff is still yet to be determined.

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