Do It Today: Shower in Chalmers Library

I won’t tell you where it is, you have to find it for yourself.

Dust off your shower shoes: there’s a new place to get clean that’s even better than the Mather bathtubs!

Not only does the new Chalmers Library have books, spinny chairs, and a whole lot of glass—it also has not one, but TWO single-stall showers.

When I went in there to use the restroom, the floor was wet, so one of you has been taking a sneaky little rinse.

You can wash yourself. You can wash your books. You can wash whatever you want—it’s a shower. It’s a shower in the library.

Did we realize we needed this? No. No we didn’t. Do we have A SHOWER IN THE LIBRARY? Yes. Yes we do.

Go forth and cleanse, bretheren.

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