A Review of Trough Etiquette

Trough Juice– Photo courtesy of shitlondonguinness on Twitter

I think as upperclassmen we have a duty to pass down Trough Etiquette to the underclassmen, and based on my observations at the dish rack over the past two months, we’re really slacking in this regard. So here’s a little refresher on Trough Etiquette addressed both to lazy upperclassmen and oblivious underclassmen who were never taught.

The Trough is the area beneath the dish rack next to the first entrance to New Side. It’s called this because it’s where you’re supposed to dump your cups that still have liquid in them, creating a melange of fluids known colloquially as jungle juice. There’s a giant, visible drain on the right side of the trough that’s kind of hard to miss. Here’s the problem: no one seems to be dumping their drinks anymore. I see half-empty red Peirce cups on that rack more often than empty ones, and don’t get me started on the lack of odor. What I called in a previous article a stomach-churning concoction of coffee, blue drink and bits of egg has been rendered a thing of the past! 

TL;DR: First of all, this article wasn’t TL so if you DR it go back and read it. But to sum up, remember to dump your unfinished drinks in the Trough lest we forget a time-honored Kenyon tradition.

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