“This Is a Very Quiet Room” Campus Tour Guide Yells Soothingly as They Lead Their Group into the 3rd floor Chalmers Reading Room

Disturbing Other People By Talking In The Library On Their Mobile Phone  Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

On approximately exactly one month ago today I was serenely cogitating about perchance initiating my solitary studies when I was abruptly and abrasively made to recognize the presence of others.

And not simply “others” but others. Yes, your hypothesis is accurate, precious reader; I’m constructing a reference to the olds and their aspirational post-secondary scholar offspring. Indeed the party goose-stepped with abandon into the room of silent consumption and produced decidedly sonorous utterances. One leader feigned a whisper as they soothingly vociferated,  “This is a very quiet room :).” It was all I could do to restrain from caterwauling with the entirety of my diaphragm. But I retained my composure. I was grace. I was dispassion. And I sustained the vicious epithet at the Arcadian tranquility of our reading room. And for what? To ascertain the knowledge of the Chalmers’ mere LEED Gold status? To endure the unbridled pleasantries of the near elderly? No. I did it because it is what we owe to one another… and also moving all my school stuff would be way too much work. It was somewhat disruptful though.

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