The Thrill’s Halloween Costume Contest 2021 WINNER!!!

Despite being a brand-new building, Chalmers Library is already haunted.

It’s finally time to announce the winner of our annual Halloween Costume Contest! This year’s competition was especially fierce, with Kenyon’s best and brightest submitting costumes left and right. After much deliberation (some say two weeks’ worth), the Thrill Editors have passed their judgement.

Congrats to all of our contestants. You keep the spirit of Halloween and the Thrill alive.

CONTESTANTS (in no particular order):

Fisher Wheeler ’22: Mushroom Wizard (Fun Fact: they crocheted the beard and hat themselves!)

Ryan Yarcusko ’25 and Liam Savona ’25: Traffic cones

Jenny Jantzen and friends, ’23: The Addams Family

Chris Goodall ’22 and Ellie Haljun ’23: Dr. Evil and Mini Me

Emily Hirsch ’23 and Zoe Miller ’23: Calvin and Hobbes, respectively

Maddie Friday ’24: Captain Hook(er) (Right)

Skyler Lesser-Roy ’22 and Milo Levine ’23: Driver’s License

Griffin Crump ’24: World War I British soldier

Ayman Wadud ’25: Satan

Gwyn Kelley ’25: The Chalmers Statue

AJ Sion ’25: Akali of K/DA, from League of Legends

Jade Sham ’22 and Lara Knopf ’22: Sexy Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

Annabel Scott ’23: Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ava Earl ’22, Molly Kavanaugh ’22, Nastasya Woodcock ’22, and Lucy Bidwell ’22: Wario, Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi (respectively)

Alejandro Gonzalez ’24: Oberlin student



Our winner will recieve a whopping $20 gift card to the Village Inn! Congratulations!!!

And finally, a costume from our Editorial Staff, who were ineligible for the contest but still wanted to show off their looks.

Piper Diers ’22: Sabrina Spellman from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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