RIP Gourdzilla 2011.

RIP Gourdzilla 2011.

This October seems to be filled with strange things. For one, it snowed this morning. Yeah. It snowed. I didn’t move south to deal with that. Also, the government shut down. Schoolhouse Rock betrayed me. But perhaps most disturbing of all is the lack of Gourdzilla. That’s right, friends. Fall Break has come and gone. Parents’ Weekend is a distant memory. All Hallow’s Eve will be upon us in a mere eight days, but Gourdzilla has not magically appeared in the servery, bringing us our only locally-grown joy in this trying time of midterms and turbulent weather. So where is Gourdzilla? I have some ideas.

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Gourdzilla Arrived One Year Ago Today

Relive that joyous day here. For those poor first years who did not get to experience Gourdzilla, just know that she reigned as the Autumnal Queen of Kenyon for one brief, glorious month. She was also The Thrill’s first big news story, and an instrumental part of getting this blog on its feet. Gourdzilla, we salute you.

An archive of our Gourdzilla coverage.