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Honor Your Grandma at Sendoff and Memorize These Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Before it’s Too Late

Sendoff! Tomorrow! Earl Sweatshirt is coming to town, and while we’re all ready to Get Down to Some Sick Beats and Rhymes, everyone knows his lyrics can get pretty sad. But don’t worry, Kenyon. In moments of musically evoked emotional vulnerability, you can get productive. Instead of tearing up when Earl spits fire about missing his grandmother, keep that game face on,

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10 o’clock List: Suggestions of audio to have “accidentally” playing on your computer when you open it on third floor Olin.

Third floor Olin is a great place to hit the books. It’s warm, bright, and bone-chillingly silent. O’ the silence. While absolutely key to a focused study-sesh, the outer-space like absence of noise can be intimidating. So, naturally, one of the biggest and most universal fears at Kenyon is the possibility of accidentally blasting something on high volume from a

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