Queer 101: Going Abroad

Picture from the London Pride Parade. Which you can attend (probably not). Via domdotcomdesign.wordpress.com

So, admittedly, I am not the expert on study abroad, as I am a lowly sophomore desperately trying to navigate the world of OCS (Off-Campus Study). But since I’m going through the process now, there are a lot of things regarding study abroad that I’m thinking about. “Do I want to do it? If yes, where do I want to go?” are the two biggest questions, but also followed up by “where am I going to have fun AND be safe?” Continue reading

Meet The Dad Behind The Kenyon Dads Instagram

This is what comes up when you google “Kenyon dads.” Via mobofree.com

There’s a new Instagram account whose primary focus is a subgenre of students they are calling “Kenyon dads.” Usually accompanied by some kind of “dad joke” or a phrase an embarrassed teenager might whine when their father does something embarrassing. The Instagram, KenyonDads, posts pictures of students weekly, crowning a new Kenyon Dad with each post. Lucky for you Thrill readers, I happen to know the Dad behind the Dads. I decided to ask them a few questions in the name of journalism. They agreed, but only if they could remain an anonymous dad.

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Kenyon Seances: Norton

This definitely is not how this went down, because candles are illegal. (Via supernatural-beings.wikia.com)

I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts. I’ve been on a haunted Kenyon ghost tour before, and it covers the Caples ghost, the ghost in the dance studio, and the Old K fire that resulted in several ghosts, along with a few others. But I’ve heard tell of a ghost in Norton, the building I’m a CA in this year, and I couldn’t resist.

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Onesies of Gambier

You’ve seen Gambier Ink in all its forms, but have you ever wondered what else our students have in common that they adorn themselves with? We present to you: Onesies of Gambier.

I have gotten a lot of comments while wearing my onesie. Some were good and some were just funny like when Peter Granville said that I looked spicy. Coming from him, that was an amazing moment. A lot of people will see me and say “Yes! All of the yes!” or “I love this.” One girl did make biting gestures at me once though. – JaLon Eason ’17

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