The New Apts Are A 1970s Olympic Village

Sochi's mountain Olympic Village. (via NBC San Diego)

Sochi’s mountain Olympic Village. (via NBC San Diego)

It is Kenyon’s most denied myth that the New Apartments were built to be temporary housing. Students say they were. The College — probably telling some form of the truth and certainly keeping one eye on the potential liability — says they weren’t. Whatever.

Here’s what the New Apts are, though: A winter Olympic Village from the 1970s. Continue reading

Kenyon is Running Shuttles So You Don’t Get Frostbite

Starting tonight, the College is running shuttles to help people avoid the mind-numbing cold that has descended on our fair hamlet. Here are the stops:

The shuttle service will include Kenyon’s 12-passenger vans and
minivans as well as Knox Area Transit vehicles. Vans will operate from
5-8 p.m., boarding at the Craft Center barn, Gund Hall parking lot,
KAC front circle, McBride Hall circle, and the Caples/Mather halls
circle and delivering riders to Peirce Hall. Students leaving Peirce
can request North Campus destinations.

The shuttle schedule is here. Also, the library will close early tonight and the KAC will open late tomorrow. Kenyon’s full release is below, after the jump.

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Help Us Get A Poster in the Library

Lists are the new novels.

Lists are the new novels.


We at The Thrill hate talking about ourselves. We really do. Like, it pains us.

But there is this one thing. Ever since The Thrill was a little blog baby, we have dreamed of one thing: Getting laid because of this blog. Being an icon for literacy in the Kenyon Community. Which is why, today, we are launching a campaign to get the Thrill staff on one of those “Read” posters they put up in the library. Continue reading

Breaking: Kenyon Will Test Stipends for Unpaid Internships

Probably not what you'll do at an internship.

Probably not what you’ll do at an internship.

The College will test a program this summer that would provide financial assistance for people participating in unpaid internship but who could not otherwise afford to take such a position. Though the program’s budget is still pending board approval,  the College has announced an application timeline. Full email below the jump. Continue reading