Email Bloopers: a Compilation


I am being very honest when I say this image gives me mild anxiety. (via

We’ve all been there — you’ve pressed send, the email goes out into the void, and you have a feeling something has gone desperately wrong. Here are some email nightmare stories from us, your favorite Thrill staff. Have an email story of your own to share? Post them in the comments!

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Introducing New Feature: Modern Love


Following in the footsteps of The New York Times, The Thrill is now accepting submissions for a Modern Love feature.

Send us your stories about romantic love, familial love, roommate love — on the Hill or far from Gambier — all is welcome!

Here’s an example from the Times about a fellow college student considering the anatomy of love.

Pieces shouldn’t be less than 500 words, but we aren’t too picky. Send your submissions or any questions to!

Fresh Bread on Campus

Fresh Bread on Campus

Fresh from an NCA kitchen, senior Charlotte Benz is baking her own bread — and it could be yours! After studying abroad in Copenhagen last semester, Charlotte was inspired by her host mother who baked at least twice a week. She loved it while she was there and has adopted the practice here at school.

The bread Charlotte is making is influenced by Danish sourdough. It is a rustic, crusty loaf, as you can see in this picture.


She charges $9 a boule, $5 a half boule and sells rolls (plain & raisin) for $1.50 a piece or 3 for $4.

You can find her next to the bookstore this Sunday selling a selection of breads and homemade scones from around 10:30-12:30pm! Don’t miss it.

Title IX: Last Semester’s Events and this Semester’s Changes

Last semester was not an easy one at Kenyon. A series of events surrounding Title IX spurred campus-wide anger and demanded conversation. Time has passed, and naturally that conversation has faded. As the hill welcomes a new first-year class and many students returning from abroad, it’s a good time to review (or learn) what happened last semester. This post will also highlight this semester’s changes to Kenyon’s Title IX practice and policy.

The purpose of this post is to encourage further conversation. For this article, I talked to two Sexual Misconduct Advisors. It discusses rape and sexual assault.

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Pillow Talk – Write to our Sex Specialists


carrie (1)

Romance for the digital age.

We are currently accepting any and all questions for a new column about SEX called Pillow Talk!! Write to our specialists for advice and we will be your Carrie. Questions can be particular to sex on the hill and as general as you desire! Don’t be shy, it’s always anonymous!

Let’s have a conversation. Submit your questions through this Google Form. Tell your friends.