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Decatur Special Announcement: Our Predictions

Gather ’round sheeple, have you heard the news? President Decatur has a special announcement for the Kenyon community tomorrow at 12 o’clock noon. An ominous event page has been already been set up, there’s nothing we can do but sit and marinate in the possibilities. Who knows what this will be! We sure don’t! But that certainly doesn’t stop us from predicting

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Do it Today: Brujas: A Conversation with Princess Nokia, Arianna Gil, and Alicia Gutierrez

Big things are happening and they are happening at Kenyon…tonight! Swing by the Horn Gallery this evening for a panel featuring three very cool creatives who are improving the world with their art and their presence! You should go. You will enjoy yourself. You will be healed. Who: Destiny Frasqueri (Princess Nokia), Arianna Gil, co-founder of Brujas, and Alicia Gutierrez, event producer and

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Kenyon Zodiac: Sculptures!

What is happening my friends and foes! How was your weekend? Please do not ask me about mine. Here’s the deal: it’s the week before Spring Break and god knows how you might be feeling. Maybe you haven’t smiled in days! Maybe you’re crying outside the library as you read this! Regardless your pre-break coping mechanism of choice, I have something that will

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