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Kenyon Zodiac: All Campus Parties

co-authored by Editor-in-Chief and Aries sun Shayne Wagner!  Sup, Nachos! Feeling like you’re lost? Descending into an abyss of school work and seasonal affective disorder? Well, we’re here to give you some direction. Here’s a new Kenyon Zodiac for you to sink your teeth into. This time, the signs as all-campus parties! You know them, you love them, you’ve probably

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10 o’clock list: Things I Would Sign in the Thank You Card to the Anonymous Donor if I Had Nothing to Lose

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the good news: we’re rich! After receiving a historic 75 million dollar donation, it’s time we pay a little thanks to the mysterious man (or Hamburger Helper puppet hand–who am I to presume?) responsible for inciting the transformation of Kenyon that will ultimately make this hill feel foreign and cold to us when we

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Decatur Special Announcement: Our Predictions

Gather ’round sheeple, have you heard the news? President Decatur has a special announcement for the Kenyon community tomorrow at 12 o’clock noon. An ominous event page has been already been set up, there’s nothing we can do but sit and marinate in the possibilities. Who knows what this will be! We sure don’t! But that certainly doesn’t stop us from predicting

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Do it Today: Brujas: A Conversation with Princess Nokia, Arianna Gil, and Alicia Gutierrez

Big things are happening and they are happening at Kenyon…tonight! Swing by the Horn Gallery this evening for a panel featuring three very cool creatives who are improving the world with their art and their presence! You should go. You will enjoy yourself. You will be healed. Who: Destiny Frasqueri (Princess Nokia), Arianna Gil, co-founder of Brujas, and Alicia Gutierrez, event producer and

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