Hey, Can You Do Something for Me? Redesign The Thrill!


this could be you, redesigning The Thrill

So you love The Thrill. Me too! However, we get it: our look is a little outdated. We’re itching for a change. And we want you to help us out! If you’re of a creative persuasion and think you have a nifty redesign of the Thrill’s:

  • Homepage
  • Icon
  • Header image
  • Just about anything else you think you can use some spiffing up

then boy do we have the challenge for you! We’re looking for submissions. Designs should be submitted digitally, but scans of handdrawn work are so rad and so very welcome!

Submissions will be accepted indefinitely! Get sketching! Please! Oh God! Please!


BREAKING: Jon Hamm is Coming to Kenyon and Your Mom is Really Excited About This One


picture this,,,,,,but on Middle Path

You heard me. Here’s what we know:

  • Jon Hamm
  • Mad Men is good
  • DATE: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 
  • TIME: 8:00pm-10:00pm
  • LOCATION: Rosse Hall 
  • I think about his episode of Black Mirror once a day.
  • LOCATION: Kenyon. College. 
  • Remember when Lena Dunham ALMOST came to Kenyon
  • Me too
  • Admission is Free!! Seating is Limited!!
  • Jon Hamm is an objectively beautiful man.
  • WHAT: Dramatic reading of scenes from Stephen Belber’s play TAPE
  • What are the odds Jon Hamm smokes a cigarette with me outside the library?
  • WHY “TAPE is an innovative theater project that presents dramatic readings of Stephen Belber’s play TAPE on college and university campuses as a catalyst for powerful guided discussions about consent, power dynamics, and sexual assault. These performances and the lively, interactive discussions that follow them are designed to evoke empathy, understanding, and discomfort, challenging individuals and communities to examine their own core values and pursue positive action.” 
  • Jon Hamm will be wearing an actor scarf.

Kenyon Zodiac: [Student-Info]


Hey, pick up the phone! I’m calling you! I have some news! I threw up on middle path yesterday because I ate a chocolate bar too quickly! But also…Kenyon Zodiac is back! This new semester is in full swing and you may be looking for a little insight into your true essence, what you really mean to everyone on this campus. Look no further, I’m here to offer you my wisdom. Brace yourself: the signs as [Student-Info]’s.

Aries- [Student-Info] ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAKING MUSIC LESSONS???/REMINDER. You are energetic, confident, and a staple in your community. No one wants to mess with you but everyone respects what you’re doing.

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