How to Pronounce: “Formal”


Safety tip!! Remember to bend from the knees, not from the waist, when performing the soro-squat in photos (via


It’s formal season for Kenyon’s various fraternities and sororities, and that can only mean one thing: something. Actually, having never formally attended a formal (but believe you me when I say that I have *informally* attended at least one (read: crashed (read: didn’t mean to crash, just wanted to dance and someone told me it was open!!!)), it’s up to literally anyone else to define what exactly goes on at these events. Honestly, the closest I’ve ever come to infiltrating what is considered classic,  American university Greek life is borrowing a pair of sunglasses with croakies on them from a friend,  so listen below for what is truly my best attempt and a closest approximation on how to pronounce “formal”: Continue reading

How to Pronounce: “Peircegiving”

As stated so succinctly in Chef Meagan’s 2014 Peircegiving address: “what a sexy sight ;)” (via

You already know what it is! But in case you don’t, Peircegiving is the highly anticipated, annual autumnal feast that will be taking place in Peirce Dining Hall this Wednesday (tomorrow!) from 5-8 PM. Grab some friends, grab a table, and grab stock of your year so far and really think about what and who you’re thankful for as you funnel hot gravy and chilled cranberry sauce down your throat like a goose being forcefed corn in order to fatten its liver for foie gras!
(Ed. Note: that image is really sad and graphic and that type of farming is rly messed up, sorry about that, this Peircegiving i am thankful for ethical agriculture, ty and have a good break every1).

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5 Indie Horror Movies To Screen at Your Friday the Thirteenth Party

Honestly, don’t yuck his yum (via Google Plus).

It’s cruel, really – we were all just getting over the spookiness of Halloween (was it just me or was it extra scary this year????) when we get with an even SPOOKIER day: Friday the Thirteenth. Often, the day sneaks up on you, and you don’t realize that it’s coming until it’s already Thursday the 12th. By then, it’s too late!!

But this Friday the 13th, I think I’d like to change. Instead of being up the whole night before, too scared to sleep, I’d rather be up all night, too excited to sleep, planning a really great themed party for all my friends and neighbors to enjoy! That’s why I’ve picked my favorite, non-mainstream horror movies to play on continuous loop on a cracked iPod Touch mounted on my wall while my guests are given bowls of tepid spaghetti to sink their fingers into and shots of pure grenadine, flavored with iron, to enjoy. A warning – make sure you get at least a couple of RSVP’s to the party before you decide to screen these, cause you’re definitely not gonna wanna try to watch them alone!!

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