Instagram Pics of Kenyon in the Snow

Come on and admit it. It’s true.

You chose Kenyon for John Green the stellar English program quaint-middle-of-nowhere-feel its Instagrammability.

So before you break out your smartphone and go crazy with the lo-fi/bokeh/purposeful-blur plays on MP, here’s some inspiration to get you going.

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How Your Parents Have Replaced You

When we return home for Winter Break, we will be given glimpses of the new lives our parents have lead since us birds have flown the nest. To put it bluntly, we’re given closer glimpses of this/these new thing(s) our parents have replaced us with.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The time has come.

It’s the holiday season!

Which means it’s time to start showing people you love them with material things. Because that’s what true love really means.

But in case you don’t really love the person love the person so much you don’t know where to start, here’s a little cheat sheet* that will get your gears turning.  Continue reading

Things to Do in Your Spare Time that isn’t Facebook

We’ve all done it.
You’re between classes and you’re looking for something to do that won’t stress you out, so you open your laptop or the app on your phone and you start scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. I don’t know about you all, but there’s something kind of therapeutic about going on Facebook, like your mind and body finally get a break from the day’s stresses, and you’re allowed to veg out for ten minutes (or two hours) scrolling mindlessly through decently-interesting posts.

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10 o’clock list: Things You’ll Miss at Kenyon over Thanksgiving Break

I know, I know. We’re all burned out. We rarely can find the strength (or time) to dig our vitamin-D-deficient selves out of our mountains of homework, our eyelids glued shut, struggling against the sunlight. But hey, the night is darkest just before the dawn–and I promise you, the dawn is coming. Or well, break is coming. After that flight, seeing your family, sleeping in your own bed for the first night and wreaking havoc with friends from home, and maybe even during your inevitable food coma, I promise you: a little, itty-bitty tiny thing inside of you will miss Kenyon.  Here are five things I know I’ll be missing:

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Why I Wasn’t Cool in High School: A True Story

Daria tells it like it is.

Daria tells it like it is.

Before starting this post, I told my old high school friends that I was writing a piece on why I wasn’t cool in high school, and asked if they had any memorable stories or moments that really backed up that point. The majority of them responded like this:

You should JUST post a picture of yourself from freshman year!!!!!!!! And then just like, be done with the post!

(A warm shout-out to all my loving, kind, dear friends.)

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Packages Are Very Fun

So we’re well into fall semester which means (hopefully) that you’ve all received at least one care package from home/friends. Nothing beats that moment of finding the yellow slip (or five–for us online shoppers) in your box, turning it into the postwoman at the window and ripping that baby open as soon as you leave the building (the box, not the postwoman). Especially when your package looks a little like this:

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