Do It Tonight: Joseph Martin on Syria

syria-map 2

Tonight in the Higley Auditorium, Joseph Martin will be speaking on his work and experience trying to build a free democratic Syria.  Martin is currently a Political Fellow on the Syrian Emergency Task Force, as well as a MA in Middle Eastern Studies candidate at Georg Washington University and a formerly serving marine.  Continue reading

Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Chris McCann ’16

Chris McCann, a sophomore from New York, found his artistic passion when he came to Gambier. “I really like to take the unexpected and make it beautiful, and to have my pieces have something that’s a bit off about them”  commented Chris  as we flipped through the photos on his computer. “When I came to Kenyon I took a sculpture class, because I really like working with wood.  And that first class catapulted me into taking more art classes, and then declaring an art major.” While he does have an actual sketchbook, Chris’s main mediums are photography and sculpture.

sculpture two

This free-standing piece was a final for an art class last year.

Check out more of Chris’s work after the jump!

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Stress Eating: The Curse of Finals Week

“Oh God, they’re here.  They’re finally here.  After all this time to prepare, and I’ve done nothing.  I’m about as prepared for finals as I was for Beyonce’s album.  There’s only one thing that’s going to solve this.  Hard work, studious dedication, or pizza.  I think pizza. Definitely pizza, that sounds easier anyway.”

That’s usually my thought process around this time of year.  I tend to stress eat my way through finals, and if you’re panic stricken and desperate like me, you probably do somewhat too.  Here’s how I managed my stress eating last night preparing for my final today.

This about sums things up my reaction to this week…except I've known about that boot coming down for about four months.  Same reaction though.

This about sums things up my reaction to this week…except I’ve known about that boot coming down for about four months. Same reaction though.

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Do It Tonight: D-Cat Meet and Greet

Oh right.  This guy.

Oh right. This guy.

Tonight,  newly anointed Kenyon College President Decatur will be having a  meet and greet in Peirce Lounge.  The student body has been invited to come to interact with our new esteemed leader.  You can bring up any concerns you have about campus–like that petition to bring back the trays you’ve been circulating for the past year–or whether any of these pertinent issues are being looked into.  Or if you’d rather go just to get get a feel for where the new administration’s going to be heading, that works too.  I personally will be asking him why everyone at Oberlin smells vaguely of cabbage.

  • What: Decatur Meet and Greet
  • When: 9:00 p.m. -10:30 p.m.
  • Where: Peirce Lounge

The Never-Ending Quest for Email Relevance

2008_07_14 dog email


So All-Stu sends out a lot of emails. I mean a lot. My inbox is so full I’m pretty sure I could launch the digital equivalent of an archeological expedition and still only make through to January before I died of exhaustion (or , you know got bored. Whichever comes first.) Some of them contain valuable information or upcoming events I’d like to go to. But not many. In order to get an idea of how often to pay attention to All-Stu emails, here is a random smattering some of recent emails  and their appropriately ranked relevance:

Re: Moodle Planned Outage for 3:00 A.M. Tuesday

  • I hopefully will never, ever have a reason to be on Moodle at 3 in the morning. If I am, it’s for one of two reasons: I have a paper overdue and 3 AM is the soonest I can get it in, or I left myself logged in at the library. Either way, it’s not going to end well.

Relevance: 1/5

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