Inside the Archives: Kenyon Inauguration Memorabilia


Haven’t made it into Olin’s Greenslade Special Collections and Archives to check out their exhibit on Kenyon inaugurations through the years? At this point, with the campus gearing up for Saturday’s festivities, it might be too late to see some of the items as they are pressed into service for the first time in a decade. However, the curators of the exhibit, Nina Whittaker ’16 and Muhammed Asad Hansrod ’17, talked me through the exhibit as I took crappy iPhone photos that are more or less as good as seeing the real thing.

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10 o’clock list: Best Kenyon Alumni Instructional Videos

The above video, which features John Green sharing his experiences trying to sign up for health insurance via Obamacare and through “traditional” methods, is informative and funny–and you should definitely watch it. It also made me start thinking about how other Kenyon alumni could harness the power of YouTube to impart knowledge equally as vital as knowing how to insure yo’ self.

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Kenyon Mythbusters: P.O. Box Assignments

Recently, the Thrill staff noticed something about our P.O. Box assignments. We’d always assumed the boxes were assigned strictly alphabetically and by class year, but we discovered that all of us have box mates of the same sex. So we checked with Cathy Kempton, who maintains student records in the Office of Housing and Residential Life. Are Kenyon’s P.O. Boxes in fact assigned according to sex?

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10 o’clock list: Places Sean Decatur Will Show Up Next

What are the odds?

What are the odds?

Ever since arriving at Kenyon, D-Cat has gone to significant efforts to be visible on campus. Perhaps learning a lesson from ill-fated New Yorker the Nuge,* Decatur has been spotted at rugby games, homecoming events, common hour discussions, and more. Where will he show up next, and is it possible for him to take things too far?

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Want to Write for The Thrill? You’ve Still Got a Chance!


Who wouldn’t want to be one of us? (Don’t answer that.)

Alright, folks. We get it. You’re busy. Deadlines are hard. So we’re showing some mercy and extending the deadline for our writer applications by a week — if you turn it in by this Saturday, Sept. 28, at noon, you’ll still be eligible to become part of our elite team. Click here for the details of how to apply.

Want to Write for The Thrill?

This could be you!

The Thrill is currently accepting applications for new upperclassmen writers and first-year writing candidates (formerly known as interns). If you’d like to try your hand at the ancient art of blogging, click here for upperclassmen and here for first years. Please follow the instructions on the document and send your completed application to thekenyonthrill[at]gmail[dot]com by this Saturday, September 21, at noon. (It’s a short application, so don’t worry.) People who are good copy editors are especially welcome!

Benefits of being a Thrill staff member include:

  • Sitting inside and typing all by yourself
  • Being yelled at by anonymous Internet commenters who play with your sense of self worth like a cat plays with a mouse
  • Maybe becoming a campus celebrity (maybe)
  • Occasional Chinese food