Want to Write for The Thrill? You’ve Still Got a Chance!


Who wouldn’t want to be one of us? (Don’t answer that.)

Alright, folks. We get it. You’re busy. Deadlines are hard. So we’re showing some mercy and extending the deadline for our writer applications by a week — if you turn it in by this Saturday, Sept. 28, at noon, you’ll still be eligible to become part of our elite team. Click here for the details of how to apply.

Want to Write for The Thrill?

This could be you!

The Thrill is currently accepting applications for new upperclassmen writers and first-year writing candidates (formerly known as interns). If you’d like to try your hand at the ancient art of blogging, click here for upperclassmen and here for first years. Please follow the instructions on the document and send your completed application to thekenyonthrill[at]gmail[dot]com by this Saturday, September 21, at noon. (It’s a short application, so don’t worry.) People who are good copy editors are especially welcome!

Benefits of being a Thrill staff member include:

  • Sitting inside and typing all by yourself
  • Being yelled at by anonymous Internet commenters who play with your sense of self worth like a cat plays with a mouse
  • Maybe becoming a campus celebrity (maybe)
  • Occasional Chinese food

From the Collegian Archives: Harry Potter Review


This week in From the Collegian Archives, we’re not going too far back — just 14 years, to Nov. 4, 1999. But it might as well have been a lifetime ago, because this was before Pottermania had begun. (The book had, however, been released in the U.S. in Sept. 1998, meaning the Collegian was not exactly on the ball with this review.) Luckily, the review is a positive one — “quality stuff,” “fast pace, engaging characters and … fantasy-ridden plot,” “attracting people of all ages” — as the Collegian would probably never recover from panning the most beloved book of our generation. Still, the paper couldn’t resist throwing in the requisite sophisticated-liberal-arts-student-who’s-too-good-for-this barbs. “If you do no other pleasure reading over Thanksgiving break, read Harry Potter. In between, of course, chapters of Moby Dick.

After the jump, a special bonus photo of Kenyon’s own favorite boy wizard!

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Who Is Responsible for This?


Who is this “Scrocial Board” and why have they been distributing these helpful fun facts about Kenyon throughout Peirce? While we applaud helping first years get acquainted to Kenyon, we have a suspicion that a few of these “facts” may not be true. Is the Henry Moore sculpture in the Science Quad actually the seal to S. Georgia Nugent’s crypt? Was P.F. Kluge once a Filipino pirate? Should I really be collecting MIddle Path pebbles to win a free T-shirt?

But actually, the last fact hits kind of close to home. Too real, guys.

10 o’clock list: Top Five Computers at Kenyon

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 12.18.38 AM

This post brought to you by Apple. (Designed in Gambier, manufactured in China.)

At Kenyon, every student needs his or her own computer. This is undeniable. I mean, it’s not like the College has gone to significant lengths to install public computer labs all over the place — no, each of us needs to spend $1,000 on a cool Netflix machine! Anyway, here are the most common computers at Kenyon: the results might surprise you! (But probably not.)

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