Reading Recommendations (from Strangers) Based on How Much You Like to Cry

woman_cryingThe weather’s gross, work is gross, life is gross. Faced with these facts of life I decided to ask strangers on middle path for book recommendations that might make me cry. Here’s what they said:

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How to Tell When Your Professor Thinks You’re the Absolute Worst and What to Do About It

How to Tell When Your Professor Thinks You’re the Absolute Worst and What to Do About It

We’ve all been there.  It’s the end of the semester and suddenly you think, “what if my professor thinks I’m the worst?” And sometimes you were right and you were the worst and your professor 100% knew it. And other times maybe you just gave off bad vibes but really weren’t that much of an asshole but they just didn’t see past the bad vibes. However it happened, to avoid this situation and to prevent this from happening ever again, I recommend a two-pronged approach during the semester.

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PSA: Flesh or Flush?


There seems to be some confusion on campus about whether the phrase is “to flesh out” or “to flush out.” Only one is correct and yet people use both as though they are interchangeable. It’s an epidemic. As comedian Gary Gulman once said, using the wrong phrase is the “verbal equivalent of spinach in your teeth.”So, I’d like to clarify this once and for all. Continue reading

10 o’clock lists: Nine Conversation Starters for your Awkward Pregame Small Talk


We’ve all been there, it’s a birthday party for a friend of a friend or hosted by a club you just joined. You get there thirty minutes late because you don’t want to be the first person there but when you arrive there are only four people in the room. The Franzia has just been opened and everybody is still profoundly sober. You know you can’t just stand by the door awkwardly, you have to make chit chat. Small talk. Exchange pleasantries. It’s a nightmare. But never fear, below are a few conversation starters to help you get through the night.

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Kenyon Buried: Your definitive guide for how to find a relationship on campus after death


Kenyon married. Although it may seem like a lifetime, this phrase is only significant for three or four years. In the grand scope of human existence this is merely a blink. Forget thinking about how you want to live and focus on the much more important question, who do you want to spend your death with? The ghost community is a vibrant, diverse, chilly population of deceased individuals looking for love, just like us. If you don’t like anyone on this list, help add to it. (What? I didn’t just suggest murder….) Continue reading

Is this a Kenyon Ghost Story or the Plot of a Stephen King Novel?


“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” Stephen King wrote this but it may as well have been said during a Kenyon ghost tour. Kenyon is rife with ghosts which means that Kenyon is also rife with ghost stories. You’ve probably heard of a couple of them, but how well do you actually know all of these haunting tales? Can you guess whether this is a Kenyon ghost story or a plotline for a Stephen King novel? Let’s find out. (Answers are at the bottom)

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