What You Need to Know About Ohio’s “Heartbeat” Abortion Bill

via wosu.org

via wosu.org

On November 20th, a Republican-majority committee on Health and Aging voted to pass House Bill 248 along to the Ohio state legislature. The bill, if it becomes law, would severely restrict access to legal abortions in Ohio. But, unless you already know what Ohio abortion accessibility is like now, that might be difficult to contextualize. Here’s a comparison of what abortion laws are in place now, and what they would look like if the bill passes. Continue reading

Information on Ferguson, MO

source: nydailynews.com

source: nydailynews.com

As mentioned in the Monday Catchup, the grand jury reviewing the case of Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot teenager Michael Brown this summer, declined to indict him. This news was widely reported, as was the coverage of the resulting protests and riots, with voices from around the world chiming in on both the events and what they mean for the state of American society. The topic of Ferguson, particularly in the discourse of race relations, is extremely sensitive, to the point of being painful; nonetheless it is critically, vitally imperative that we do not turn away from painful topics just because they hurt. Dialogue about Ferguson, MO is not only globally relevant but also immediately imperative.

The Kenyon Thrill supports informed discourse. Below are links with information about the events in Ferguson. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Reasons this Natty Daddy is the Worst Dad in America

Dads. Fathers. What makes a dad? Who can be a father? Is a dad a person or something more? A role to fill? In order to be a father figure, what figure must a father take? What is a dad’s shape?

Don’t ask this Natty Daddy, because it wouldn’t know an EFFING THING ABOUT ANY OF THAT.



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The Thrill’s Guide to Late Night Food

One of the google image results for "food"

One of the google image results for “food”

For the purposes of this guide, we will be defining “late night food” as food available for delivery after 8 p.m., when Peirce closes on every night except Saturday.

With the official closing of Nite Bites for the semester, we turn to other options for night time noshing. We’ve reviewed the pizzas before, but this list offers no judgement, just information. Here is a list of eateries that deliver to Kenyon, in ascending order of lateness. Continue reading