Blogs on Blogs: Blogs To Follow

“Rule 287. Make your own costume.” Walker Lamond (via

As an editorial  contributor for The Thrill, I often comb through various blogs for unique content. From sartorial inspiration to good, old-fashioned advice, these are a few bloggers I turn to for either a great online read or a “small” break from my Senior Seminar reading…

As a professional blogger, Jacey’s resume is impressive with editiorial contributions to sites such as StyleMePretty and Beth Helmsetter. However, her personal blog, Damsel in Dior, is truly one to follow– her sartorial posts are often accompanied by stories of her childhood or a precious appearances from her two English bulldogs, William and Polly (who also have the CUTEST Instagram!)  Continue reading

Fall Fashion: Leather at Every Price Point

Leather is ubiquitous. Just ask Kanye West, he’s been all about a leather jogging pant since day one. However, if you are not busy poppin’ tags like A$AP Rocky or simply cannot afford an “investment” piece from Rick Owens (I put investment in quotes because is this truly attainable?), it can prove to be difficult to incorporate leather into your daily wardrobe. See more after the jump for all the leather Kim Kardashian could ever hope to wear!

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Pimp My Carrel: Spencer Kaye ’14

Midterms- “All You Ever Did Was Break Me.”

Dear Spencer,

Recently, I was charged with the task of “pimping” your carrel. You would know- this is the 4th time in the past 3 weeks you/Jack Quigley/another Thrill staff member has asked me to do so. I apologize for my Thrill Post negligence. However, the time is now upon us. I did, in fact, “Pimp” your Carrel. While I cannot claim to have the charisma and finesse of Detroit’s Finest, Xzibit, I can promise you this: I did the best $35.64 could buy at Wal-mart. Essentially, I “pimped” your carrel to resemble a cobweb. After all, it is almost Halloween. I threw in a few glitter spiders for shits and giggs too- can you blame a girl for listening to Ke$ha on a Wal-mart Run?

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