Musician’s Profile: Jaime Cohen ’15


Actual Piano God Jaime Cohen in action during a dress rehearsal in the Black Box.

Among the many Kenyon personalities that will make you feel less talented, one can find the very quick fingers of Jaime Cohen ’15, whom you can sometimes catch casually playing masterpieces in lower Rosse. Keep an ear open for her appearances in the next couple of semesters, including Brave Potato’s production of BARE, which goes up this weekend!

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10 o’clock list: Most Unsettling Places on Campus


Now that we’ve been over the most scenic, most Instagram-able, and best places to throw up on our green hill, let’s consider the places on campus that won’t be making it into the colorful You Will booklets: the creepiest, most-prone-to-cause-existential-crises, worst places to be late at night when your phone is dead. What do you mean you don’t want to know?  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Things We Find Here

Things I've found this year. (If that's your long-lost nerf bullet or something, you can email me.)

Things I’ve found this year. (If that’s your long-lost nerf bullet or something, you can email me.)

Sometimes Kenyon students like to lose things. But where do all our wallets, expensive textbooks and black North Face jackets go? Do they sit disintegrating in a shadowy corner of Old Kenyon? Fall into some mystical void? Or do they find new homes? As a prolific contributor to this accidental redistribution of wealth, I’m curious.

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Do It Tonight: Speak Out


If you’ve gotten out of bed in the last week, the letters “TBTN” will sound familiar. That’s a good thing, because it’s Take Back the Night week, during which campus raises awareness of sexual violence and celebrates its survivors. This evening, those who have been affected will have the opportunity to share their stories in safety and support, and everyone else will have the opportunity to listen and learn from some brave humans.

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