Kenyon Is Getting a New Website, and It’s Awesome


Allegations that I am a sophomore girl aside (thanks, Spencer), I’m here to let you know that, in case you missed the student-info on the subject—no judgment, nobody has time to read all of those—Kenyon is getting a new website! It looks pretty great! It may even have things we actually need on it! Details after the jump! Exclamation marks! Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: Kenyon Students Never Change

End senseless pajama parade violence! Wait, what?

End senseless pajama parade violence! Wait, what?

Today we open with an opinion piece from, who else, Kenyon writer-in-residence P.F. Kluge, who was at the time (1962) the Associate Editor of the Collegian.  While a pajama parade sounds sort of harmless, and one would be inclined to think that P.F.K. is just being his regular, mildly ornery self, the description of the freshmen as “bruised and limping” stands out as rather worrisome. Given only the context of this article, the pajama parade appears to be an event wherein freshmen are forced to march around in their pajamas while sophomores inflict bodily injury on them in some way. Suddenly, Kluge’s complaints about the tradition seem much more justified, that is a pretty messed up thing for administration to overlook.

Also included in the February 1962 issue of the Collegian is an article about several Collegian editors, including P.F.K. himself, being written up for having female company in their dorms after dark. Scandalous!

After the break: A mime, and the Kenyon students of 50 years ago being just as pretentious as they are today. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: Political Cartoons are Forever

Offensive? Strangely relevant? You decide.

Coming off your election high, what better to settle down with than the triumphant — and unusually punctual — return of From the Collegian Archives, now with Thrill intern Reed Dickerson ’16 as the force behind the scenes? This week, we return to the Collegian of 1975 to find, among other things, a political cartoon featuring Patty Hearst. Given that this comic comes from the September ’75 issue of the Collegian, it actually coincides directly with her arrest, though it may have been drawn beforehand.  Interesting to place it in time, though; at the time of this release, she would still have been the talk of the country, as it was before her famous trial began.

After the jump: More political cartoons! Your professors in the age of yore! The return of silly out-of-context headlines!

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How To: Scare Yourself Tonight

Don’t blame me when you’re huddling under the covers and refusing to leave. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Halloween is a silly Hallmark holiday that most people associate more with fairy princesses, dinosaurs and candy than with monsters and actually being scared. But for the horror junkie in all of us, there are plenty of actually scary things out there that you can experience right from your own room! And with the early onset of winter, that might be a good thing, since I’m sure as hell not going out there without a good reason. The Thrill is happy to provide you with plenty of ways to whip yourself (or an unlucky roommate) into an unproductive cycle of terror, because who cares about turning in the homework for your 9:40?

  1. For the traditionalists, there are tons of scary things to read about on Wikipedia. From serial killers to mysterious incidents to monsters, Wikipedia is a good starting point for your Halloween scare-fest. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: The Stars Move, Therefore You Should Smoke Viceroys

I don’t think I follow.

It’s back, and it’s got a new trick! From the Collegian Archives is 10 times as slick as the last time, or something along those lines, now that Thrill intern Reed Dickerson ’16 is helping me out with finding articles and getting scans. An underling of my very own! It’s like a dream come true!

The Collegian of 1957 continues its weird obsession with Viceroys through this comic, whose logic is a little…suspect. I’m still trying to puzzle out where the science is connected. Is it just “this is an interesting thing, and cigarettes are also interesting things, so you should smoke them?” I guess you run out of ideas when you print ads for the same cigarette brand pretty much every week, but this is just bizarre writing.

After the break: Slapstick, movie premieres, and Kenyon classes on dog sledding and being a Mountie!

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10 o’clock list: Tech Safety Tips for You and Your Parents


Everyone knows at least one Tech Guy (or Tech Girl). The one who’s “good at computers,” smiles and helps out when your virus-addled laptop spends more time showing you that lovely rainbow pinwheel than actually, you know, computing. As someone who managed to almost entirely replace social interaction with computers through much of elementary, middle, and early high school — you would not believe how rich I was on Neopets in fifth grade — I am that Tech Guy for most of my family and friends. Many of you are probably in the even less comfortable position of being only “okay” with computers, but being the best at them in your family, so you have all problems shunted onto you anyway. Anyone can help their unassuming families defend against malware and viruses, however; it just takes a little teaching, and the dispelling of some common misconceptions. And hey, you might learn some things yourself.

  1. The Internet isn’t a safe place — It’s hard explaining that viruses usually don’t come from mysterious Internet boogeymen, but rather from programs that turn your cursor into a cute kitty, or “GET THE SHOCKING TRUTH (DISCOVERED BY A MOM) BIG PHARMA DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!!!” popups. Many things about the Internet can be taught, but safe browsing requires intuition. Web of Trust helps, though. Conversely… Continue reading