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Thrill Staff Pee Map

Here at The Thrill, we are firm believers that when you gotta go you gotta go. As such, we have compiled a map of some unconventional places we’ve peed on our lovely campus. If you ever found yourself peeing outside, in a shower, holding onto a lamppost, or even somewhere just because you think it’s interesting, know that you are

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Meet a PC: Nate Winer ’19

Every week, The Thrill features a member of a student-support organization to bring awareness about the various resources available to the student body on campus. This week, we’re featuring Nate Winer, ’19.  Stay safe this week, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help. If you want to speak to a PC, they have Office Hours

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Greeks For Equality

This Fall, Brandon Lee Curz ’19 and Juvi Rivera ’19 approached Greek Council, the student run body that oversees all of Kenyon’s Greek organizations, with a new idea to help enrich Kenyon’s Greek community through an increased emphasis on diversity. Hearing their concerns about Greek life, the members of Greek Council decided to create Greeks for Equality, a subcommittee of

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