Jon Hamm Cancels Kenyon Appearance, Every Mom’s Heart Shatters Into Bits



You heard it here first, folks: Legendary faux ad executive and frequent SNL guest star Jon Hamm will not – I repeat, will NOT – be participating in a dramatic reading of scenes from “TAPE,” a theater project regarding the power dynamics of sexual assault. Though this reading will still be taking place Thursday, February 23rd at 8 p.m. in Rosse Hall, it will not include the presence of this particular Famous Handsome Boy. Continue reading

Where’s It At with Text-Based Media

i'm mcfreakin disappointed (via Facebook)

I’m mcfreakin’ disappointed. (via Facebook)

Lindsay is currently Sleeping On The Gall Dang Job And/Or Continuing Her Life Journey Down A Path Which Consequently Diverges From Mine Own, so I’m here to give you those sweet, sweet Where’s-It-At deets you crave. Let’s dive into the weekend, folks!

Friday, February 3

  • BE: Community Dinner. 6:30 PM, Acland 107B.
  • KCDC Presents: Uncle Vanya. 8:00 PM, Bolton Theatre.
  • Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company. 8:00 PM, Rosse Hall.

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