There’s a New Ogrelord in Town


The Career and Development Office (CDO) has launched what perhaps will be its most successful advertising campaign yet — Scott Layson, Director of Career Development, super-imposed onto Shrek’s head as the CDOgre.

This triumph of Adobe Photoshop can be found on the first floor of Ascension, certainly, and perhaps elsewhere — we don’t claim to know the CDO’s life. The CDO, after all, is like an onion. It has layers.

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: GChat Gone Wrong

lol whoops

lol whoops

And now one of our favorite features: The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did. Click here for more in this series.

We’ve all been there. It was a finals week like any other. My bag of Fritos had been reduced to salty crumbs strewn across a table in the third floor of the library; my bag of sports beans – this was prior to my current life as a coffee drinker; I used to get hyped up to write a paper by popping energy beans for marathon runners – was empty, leaving nothing more than a weird, lemon-y aftertaste in my mouth and an anxious twitch in my hand; my brain had melted into a slop of German vocabulary — “Ist das Grossschachanlage behindertenfreundlich?” —and macroeconomic theory I didn’t plan to use again. I was exhausted.

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From Cape Town: A Perspective on Nelson Mandela


Photo Courtesy of Janie Simonton

“Once Mandela dies, you need to head to a rural farm and hide in the bush for a while because things are going to get really violent.”

I’m currently studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been hearing things like this all semester. This particular quote, from one of my friend’s host fathers, who was a detective during apartheid, is particularly haunting. His words aren’t the only ones that resonated, though. My neighbors in Langa, a township I stayed in for three weeks, speculated that Mandela’s death would mean instant race riots. People, she explained, are only keeping the peace to honor Mandela, but once he dies, there’s no reason not to unleash built-up aggression.

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