The Monday Catchup 11/09/20

Wow! So election week was pretty crazy, huh? The whole experience was honestly very on-brand for 2020. It dragged on for far too long, emotions somehow managed to run high while also instilling that deep-seated numbness and feeling of dread that we’ve come to know so well, and there were a shit ton of MAPS. So many maps. And while I could talk about how HISTORIC and GROUND BREAKING this election was, I’m going to talk to you all about my new appreciation for maps, and more particularly, map guys, and even more particularly, Steve Kornacki.

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Jane Gets LOST: Season 2

Yeah, uh-huh, that’s right– I’m already back with the next installment of Jane Gets LOST. If you thought a plane crash on an island shrouded in mystery was enticing enough, then just you wait for the trials and tribulations of Season 2. We’re talking an underground bunker situation aka THE HATCH, a bounty of new characters, shocking deaths, emotional reunions, multiple hostage scenarios, and even a thinly veiled commentary on our class-based society. Intrigued? Let’s get LOST!

**OBVIOUSLY so many spoilers ahead**

(but also this show has been out for over 15 years, get a grip)

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The Monday Catchup 11/2/20

Halloween 2020 is in the books! Woo! I hope you all stayed safe while being spooky!!! Did you??? Did you stay safe??? Let’s not forget there’s a full-ass pandemic going on!!! Because it seems like a lot of people out there had some sort of mental lapse and thought it was okay to party with lots of friends just because a fun holiday rolled around. Now that’s scary, and NOT scary in a good way. Scary in a bad way. Don’t do that. Stop.

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The Monday Catchup 10/26/20

Happy Halloweek y’all. Let’s get spooky.

This weekend I bought pumpkins for my household– a pumpkin specifically chosen to evoke the vibes of each of my friends. It was a fun and wildly illuminating exercise, walking through the piles and piles of pumpkins at my local farm. There were far too many types to choose from: we’re talking classic orange ones, yellow ones with prickly stems, squat gray ones, rotund tannish ones, stripey black and yellow ones, teeny tiny white ones, small white ones with long twirly stems, speckled orange and white ones, and even some sort of mysterious dark green ones. Frankly? An overwhelming selection. I ended up limiting myself to small ones, both for the sake of my budget and to save my indecisive brain from exploding under the pressure of too many choices.

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