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Newman Day: A History

Newman Day is coming. Paul Newman went to Kenyon, isn’t that neat? One time he said “There are both 24 beers in a case and hours in a day — there should be a holiday commemorating this,” or something like that. I’m not sure who made the connection that the holiday should be celebrated by drinking 24 beers in 24

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Portrait of the Artist: Ned Vogel

Ned Vogel ’15 is a senior music major who smells completely fine. He serves as treasurer and half of the guitar section of Kenyon’s loudest, heaviest rock and roll band the Flying Hounds. The band also features Tom Cox ’17 on drums, Andrew Clarkson ’16 on bass, and Jack Cox on the other guitar. Their upcoming album will definitely heighten your emotional

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10 o’clock list: 5 Items Undoubtedly Lurking in My Admissions File

Why hello, my gentle brethren and sistren. If you’re currently enrolled at Kenyon, or have been in the past, you no doubt have memories of the arduous, misery-inducing application process. Nothing in my life has brought me more existential dread than sitting at my childhood kitchen counter, tearing my little hairs out strand by strand and trying to decide what

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