I Knew This Post Would Come

via @kenyoncollege on Instagram

via @kenyoncollege on Instagram

I lose my wallet a lot. I always get it back, but this is something I didn’t realize about myself until recently. I’ve lost it under a couch cushion in a New Apt. I’ve lost it in a bar in DC. And at 10:17 PM on a Sunday, I had lost it again. I remembered putting it in a plastic bag with a bag of chips and a jar of salsa. I was bringing snacks to The Horn for a Stairwells rehearsal, and didn’t have the hands for it all. The thing is, I also remembered throwing that bag out in The Horn later that day, and I hadn’t seen my wallet since.

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The Owl Creeks Really Sucked Friday Night


Okay, buckle up guys. I know it’s customary on this blog when we “review” things to just shit out some vague compliments, but not today. I am so confused.

Let’s start at the beginning. This weekend was an aca-SPLOSION so I get that things were a little hectic, but when I walked up the steps of Rosse Friday night, there was a GIGANTIC Take Five banner. Wrong sign, idiots. Couldn’t even give us the curtesy of some basic planning. That could have really thrown some people off.

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Ryan Chapin Mach ’14 Releases New Single

Album art by Nicholas Nazmi

Gambier’s sleepy roads are a breeding ground for writers and musicians alike, even if they end up on the city streets of NYC. Ryan Mach’s new single “Pop Song” speaks of wandering the MoMa, but is the perfect soundtrack to wandering New Side the afternoon after Fandango. Its upbeat restlessness speaks to a senior who feels a little stuck in the in-between.

It’s a glimpse into the life of post-grad, which Mach illustrates as being a bit like the electric static of millennialism combined with the numbing buzz of a few too many drinks. However, if it allows him to write songs like this, then I think things are already looking up. Listen below!

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Senior Class Reminisces: The Feral Cats

This post is the second in a series of many where seniors recall all the things that have changed over the course of our time here at Kenyon. 

Found in the Kenyon Archives, dated around 2012. JK it was on my phone. 

Look, I know I’ve stretched this feral cat bit as far as you’d think it could go. There are days when even I wake up unsure if I really have it in me anymore to spew unfiltered feline enthusiasm to those who expect it of me. But, as a senior staring graduation in its cold, hard face, I’ve found myself looking back as a way of distracting myself. And oh boy, did I realize something startling: Where in the ever-living hell did the feral cats go?

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Pregnancy on Campus: An Interview with Kim Cullers

(via cnn.com)

If you have a functioning uterus, chances are you have a plan for if you ever find yourself staring at a positive pregnancy test. Whether it’s something you’re hoping for or definitely trying to avoid, there’s no question that pregnancy on a college campus can be a dicey issue.

Emma Specter ’15 and I spoke to Kim Cullers, CNP-Director at Kenyon’s Health Center, about pregnancy at Kenyon, a subject we’d heard relatively little about during our four years on campus. So, just how likely is it?

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